How Much Does Tramadol Cost Without Insurance?


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Due to pandemics all over the world, a huge number of people are undergoing the stress of unemployment at this time. In the USA the same reason has led to arise the health problem without insurance benefits. An increase in monetary stress will certainly push the human to work hard that will eventually lead to body aches and pain. 

Pain can be one such barrier in human life that can stay for a very long time. The best solution that majorly doctors suggest is Tramadol. So in such circumstances, if someone could have prescription benefits they can easily buy Tramadol anywhere. But to get it without insurance as well as the prescription is quite difficult. There are several online pharmacies that prefer selling Tramadol and other drugs especially to people who are in need.

Even if you have insurance and want that 90-days supply, it will be a little costly; a bonus will be visiting the local pharmacy another couple of times. Instead, going and purchasing online will not only help you get Tramadol at lower prices but also at your doorstep. The services on the web help you get the tramadol overnight shipping option.

Tramadol cost without insurance is at cheaper rates in the US. One can get 30 tablets of 50 mg for $3.30 approximately.

Generally, at your local medical stores, you might get Tramadol at very high prices without insurance. Adding to this retail price of the brand version of Tramadol famously known as Ultram prices varies from pharmacy to pharmacy be it online or the conventional pharmacy. But online you will be amused to find that you will not have to pay the full retail prices. Mostly, the products that are found online are offered at discounted rates.

While buying online keep few things in mind especially when you don’t have insurance.

Always ask about generic options:

While buying generic brands always prefer to ask your healthcare provider before selecting any other generic brand. It is easy to fall into trap of generic brands as they are easily found and are at cheaper rates.

Make a routine of cross-checking prices:

Being without insurance is always better to once cross-check the cost of tramadol as well as the prices of generic tramadol be it 50 mg or 100 mg. Make sure to go through your local pharmacies and verify the prices they are selling. Eventually, it will be a great help for you in terms of saving your money.

Check out below the Average prices of 12 months for Ultram and Tramadol HCL. The table below is stated 50 mg of drug of 60 counts without insurance.


Ultram Retail Price

Tramadol HCL Retail

CVS Pharmacy









Kroger Pharmacy



Albertsons Pharmacy


Rite Aid Pharmacy



Approximate Oral Tablets Online Prices

9 oral tablets of 50mg Tramadol cost $11.74


Per unit















$0.13 – $0.34

$13.39 – $34.43






$23.99 – $134.13




As Tramadol is famously known for opioid pain substance that too under the Scheduled class IV that conditions according to the law as the highly addictive medication. Tramadol being a controlled substance and a narcotic as well the supply is followed highly under the scrutiny of law.

The end-users are also requested to take special precautions while buying and consuming Tramadol. Always follow your health care provider’s advice and opt for health insurance as soon as possible. It will ultimately benefit your lifestyle and well-being.

Still, the question remains how to get Tramadol without insurance? There are several online websites that are ready to provide Tramadol. Undeniably the next question comes is what will be priced?

There are online websites that share coupons and rebates for the benefit of users.

End-users may find these coupons, trial offers, rebates, saving cards, or even free samples on the websites. There could be a certain website that may ask for registration or ask you to fill the questionnaire or gain the sample from the doctor’s office. We are currently not aware of any such manufacturer’s promotion of the drug.

Keeping all the above mentioned in note points one should be aware during the pandemic that buying medicines without insurance is possible and should not pressurize the physical state that may lead to unfortunate circumstances. The USA had faced tremendous economic shock that has led to unemployment and hence there is an increase in demand for online pharmacies that too without insurance available at cheaper rates.