What can I give my dog for pain relief?

tramadol for pain-relief in dogs

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Dogs suffer from chronic aches, just like humans. The reasons for their pain are also similar to any humans, such as dental pain, muscle pain, arthritis, weak bones, or even cancer. They also feel uneasy and discomfort in the form of pain after operative surgery.

The only difference is that they are not able to communicate like humans do when they are hurt. You may find a change in your pet’s behavior, which you need to understand to diagnose their pain at an early stage. Also, proper treatment is essential so that your pet may resume back to his healthy and happier routine.

Here are the few signs through which you may notice the difference in your dog’s behavior and can immediately seek veterinarian helps:

  • Vocal change: Groaning, whining, whimpering, howling, yelping, and grunting.
  • Change in facial expressions: Flat ears, drowsy eyes, and blank look are some of the major changes you may observe if your pet is in pain.
  • Activity level: Difficulty in changing position, restlessness, either trembling or staying still, difficulty in falling asleep, and seeking affection more than usual. 
  • Increase in Aggression: Howls and bites, which he usually might not do. 
  • Daily habits: Low appetite, Increase in sleeping hours, staying lazy and inactive.

However, many vets claim that dogs have a high level of pain tolerance compared to other wild animals. To prevent themselves from treatment or social standing, they tend to abolish the pain signals. They try to control their situation by concealing the pain, making it tougher for humans to recognize their pet’s real struggle.

Veterinarians have agreed that dogs are comparatively low sensitivity to pain. Even if they undergo any surgery, vets do not prescribe them any strong medications other than opioid painkillers as they are mild and may affect acute pain.

Now there are dual ways through which you may address and provide relief from their pain, namely:

  • Organic Remedies
  • Medications

From the above ways, as a responsible guardian, select the one which might suit your dog’s condition and heal the underlying cause.

Organic Remedies 

Home remedies are effective due to their organic source and no risk correlated with the same. Many pet guardians prefer home remedies to assist their dogs in relieving their pain. The list of organic options includes:

  • Supplements: To protect your dog’s going from short-term ache or healing those suffering from osteoarthritis, they may feed their pets with knee-joint supplements. It may provide your dog with more strength and mobility.  
  • Natural Oils: Oils are one of the best sources of natural remedy for both individuals and dogs. They help in fighting muscular aches and lessen swelling. Oil is withdrawn from flowers, seeds, stalks, and leaves of the herbs and plants. For instance, hemp oil is produced from the plant, making your dog feel relaxed when applied to the affected area. You don’t have to worry as it does not contain any psychopathic ingredient.

Pain medications for dogs

Tramadol is the primary choice of the veterinarian for treating dogs dealing with chronic pain conditions. Even physicians prescribe this medicine for individuals dealing with acute, chronic conditions. It belongs to the opioid class of drugs, which possess milder ill effects and is safer to use for dogs and cats.

In case of pain instigated after the operative surgery or due to osteoarthritis, Tramadol may act as a booster by assisting your dog in recovery.  

Dog’s pain causes:

  • Pain due to injury
  • Coughing
  • Post-operative surgery pain
  • Cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Osteoarthritis

Tramadol does not possess anti-inflammatory properties intact with NSAIDs. It helps by blocking the pain sensations from entering the peripheral nervous system. It shows its efficacy by controlling the psychological factors and not the physiological condition. Although it does not directly perform on the ache’s root cause, instead, it diverts how the body recognizes the pain.

Likewise, even cats suffering from pain arousing due to injury, weak bones, or through surgery may be treated by Tramadol. The vets also preferred this opioid drug to make cats and kittens feel relaxed and calm. Tramadol 50 mg may turn to be a savior as it is the aggregate portion effective for chronic muscle pain with lesser side effects.


As a pet parent, you are required to be attentive and responsible for your dog’s health. For health-related issues to your dogs, it is advised to consult a veterinarian as they prescribe the medication based on the dog’s weight and current conditions.

Tramadol is known for reducing pain intensity and enhance their life quality. If you have any doubts or need to know more about this medication, then discuss it with your veterinarian. If You want to know more about this medication, you can check the homepage.