What is Tramadol Paracetamol used for?

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Tramadol Paracetamol is used for soothing moderate to severe pain caused after an injury or operation, and also in case of long-lasting pains which are mostly not cured with weak painkillers.

As the name suggests, Tramadol Paracetamol is a combination of two medicines that work by combining the medicinal effects of both drugs

Where, Tramadol helps by restricting the transfer of pain signals to the brain, which leads to lower knowledge of pain.

Paracetamol helps by restricting the discharge of some obvious pain-causing chemical messengers, to the brain.

These are used as strong pain killers which belong to a class of drugs that are used to relieve chronic pains. The dosage is adjusted based on the intensity of the pain. Initially, one capsule of thirty-seven milligrams of Tramadol and one capsule of three hundred and twenty-five milligrams of Paracetamol is given as a beginner dose and later, is increased accordingly based on the requirements.

These combination painkillers are prohibited for children below twelve to eighteen years of age and are suitable to adults only since they have a strong analgesic property.

Is Paracetamol Safe With Tramadol?

Yes, it is safe to take Tramadol with Paracetamol since both are pain-relieving drugs. This type of combination is used when weak painkillers do not work and require a stronger dose of painkillers.

Paracetamol along with Tramadol gives a greater pain relief when compared to individual consumption of the same. It all depends on how bad your pain is and what level of dose is required to reduce the pain.

The combination of both medicines adds more benefits in terms of relieving certain pains. Paracetamol being a pain killer itself is often used with many other pain killers to provide a combined effect in lowering the pain. However, there can be a few mild side-effects like nausea, constipation, etc.

What are The Side Effects of Tramadol

Every drug has its own side effects and appears in one among ten people. Tramadol shows various ill-effects including vomiting, dizziness, weakness, constipation, dryness of the mouth.

Consuming it regularly causes addiction and accidental intake by children may even lead to death. If consumed by pregnant women, it may lead to withdrawal effects in the baby such as high pitch in crying, hyperactivity, nervousness, unusual sleep pattern, etc.

Withdrawal effects of the medicine, make a person feel agitated, sick, anxious, and shaky. Being an opioid analgesic, it also causes allergies such as anaphylaxis in very rare cases.

Is Tramadol Stronger Than Codeine?

No, Tramadol is not stronger than codeine since greater doses of Ultram is required when compared to normal dose of codeine, as per studies conducted by scientists. Both are almost similar except for their derivation from natural and synthetic methods.

Codeine is manufactured naturally using poppy plant whereas Tramadol is a synthesized opioid manufactured artificially in the lab similar to codeine.

Also, both are effective in a similar pattern in curing the chronic pains caused. But it is strongly advised to not consume both tramadol and codeine together as both are strong pain killers.

What is The Strongest Painkiller?

Morphine is believed to be the strongest pain killer out there, which belongs to a class of opioids, used in treating severe pain. There are other drugs that are morphine-like that also serve as strong pain killers such as oxycodone, tramadol, and fentanyl.

Strong painkillers are only advised in cases of chronic/unbearable pains and are given under strict medical supervision. In severe cases, combinations of pain killers are administered to relieve the pains which are high in intensity and require immediate cure. Mostly, in the post medical process of an operation or injury. It should never be taken without a doctor’s consultation

Does Tramadol Help You Sleep?

Opioid analgesics are meant to cause dependencies among people who consume them. One of the many side-effects of Tramadol includes drowsiness or sleepiness which is a common effect among all pain killers.

Hence, it is advised to not drive or perform any physical activities after consuming it. It is better not to drive or perform any work-related with heavy machines until you are aware of how this drug acts upon your body because it acts differently from the body to the body.

It makes you feel relaxed which brings in a sense of feeling that the pain is reduced. It does make you sleepy and dizzy being an opioid. It is strictly prohibited to consume alcohol when you are under medication of these drugs because this drug might act upon with alcohol and make the dependency effect even worse. 

Can I Take 2 Tramadol 50mg At Once?

As advised for adults by doctors, initially, a hundred milligrams of Tramadol can be consumed once a day. So, two capsules of fifty milligrams of tramadol can be consumed at once without any harm as it anyway accounts for a total of hundred milligrams.

This is an initial dose prescribed for normal adults and may differ in cases of different pains. More than two capsules, if consumed accidentally may cause various side effects such as lowering of blood pressure, problems in breathing, and disturbed body functionalities.

Tramadol belonging to the class of pain-relieving drugs is a strong pain killer, which should be taken carefully under the doctor’s supervision. It is better to take it in exact doses as advised by your physician.