Shipping Policy: Tramadolsale

It is crucial in any business to have a sound process to grow. Shipping is one of those that not only help in the input and output of the process. Get to know in detail our shipment process and understand how we handle the whole operation. Shipping Policy helps in keeping transparency with our Customers.

Process of shipment involves:

  • Picking & packing the order
  • Shipping the goods

Take this as an example:

Whenever there’s a sale, a sales order entry process produces a sales order and picks a ticket. Now, most people are not aware of what is picking a ticket. A picking ticket is a ticket that identifies which product and the quantity of each product to move from inventory and ship. It also means what you want to pick from where or from which inventory.

Further, picking tickets are sent to the warehouse and the goods are picked and packed. The packaged goods are then further sent to shipping along with the picking ticket and the sale order. These documents are received and the shipping department creates two copies of the packing slip ad bill of lading.

Bill of lading is a legal contract paper that finds responsibility for the goods in transit. The word lading means action or process of loading ship or other vessel and cargo. It is easy to think of loading when you hear lading.

The goods are then given to the carrier along with the bill of lading and packing slip. The copies of the bill of lading are then sent to billing and account receivable.

To control the shipping errors:

  • We compare the shipping document with the sales order, packing slips, and picking ticket to ensure the correct items are being shipped.
  • An RFID system is also in place which identifies delays.
  • We also configure our ERP system to prevent duplicate orders.

This way we can compare shipping and sales department documents, using an RFID system and configure the ERP system to have to help and prevent shipping errors. To know more about our other policies You can check out the Our Policies page.