Terms and Conditions : Tramadolsale

Terms and Conditions for this website are below :

The links that are provided on our website are all our control and all the changes and updates are administered by us. External links are allowed on this website. All the information that is administered on the website is under the privacy policies. Please go through the disclaimer that is imparted on the website before ordering or posting anything on the website.

Adding to this, all the information that is provided on every page of the website is subject to amendment as and when it is necessary. There won’t be any prior notice before the amendment on the website. Every user is expected to stay updated with all the necessary modifications that are updated on every page of the website.

Age verification

According to the law of FDA and DEA, users of the website should be of legal age to use and order any medications that are available on the website. According to FDA regulation of Internet pharmaceutical communications: Strategies for improvement, as the demand for online pharmaceuticals is increasing, internet supply is breeding accordingly. 

Users below 18 years of age are not allowed to use this website. Pregnant women should follow the prescribed medications from the doctor. We do not ship medications. According to the FDA rules, children between the ages of 12 to 18 are restricted to use Tramadol, hence it is a kind of request for the users of the website to once go through the FDA rules and regulations before requesting Tramadol from your pharmacy.


All the information provided on the website is not allowed to copy, edit, publish anywhere else, or even create stories from them. If found forging or misusing the information provided on the website will have to undergo strict legal actions.

Accuracy of the information

Information added on every page of the website is true and factual. We have made sure that there is no misleading information that has been provided on the website.